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Welcome to shelleychemey

Chemistry is easy to understand, once a few basics have been mastered. You will achieve this using this website by carrying a series of interactive exercises giving instant feedback as you submit your answers. You will learn:

  • to understand the structures of atoms and ions
  • the formulae of ions
  • the formulae of elements and covalent compounds
  • to be able to work out the formulae of ionic compounds
  • to write fully balanced chemical equations

In some of these pages questions are selected randomly so two people doing the same exercise alongside each other get questions appearing in a different order. Pages teaching memorisation use algorithms that will help you learn. If you get an answer fully correct, it becomes less likely to come up again but if you get it wrong, you can expect it to recur in the near future. This website is targeted at the level of students aspiring for high attainment at GCSE in the United Kingdom. It should be useful also to students from other countries working at a comparable level.

How to use this site

The exercises are on 3 main menu tabs at the top of this and every other page:

  • Atomic and Ionic Structure
  • Formulae
  • Equations

It is recommended that you work through these menu tabs in order, working on each page going down the tab. Then move onto the pages on the next tab.